Question: How To Cook Apollo Fish?

Which fish is used in Apollo fish?

Apollo fish is one of the most common and popular dishes served in many Andhra restaurants. This spicy, delicious dish is prepared using boneless fillets of medium to large fish like tilapia, snapper, salmon or murrel.

Is Apollo fish sea fish?


Why is it called Apollo fish?

He said,”My dear,Apollo fish is not from moon or related but in fact a famous dish from Hyderabad “,though he had no clue why it was called “Apollo” fish.”It was an exclusive seafood item prepared in Hyderabad,favorite of all spicy food lovers and famous in bars especially,”He said..

Does Apollo fish have bones?

Normally the Murrel variety of fish is best used to prepare this dish as its thick gets nicely coated and become crisp when deep fried with spices. Often Apollo fish comes under the boneless fish varieties. Kids love eating Apollo fish for its appearance, taste and texture as it does not contain any bones.

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What’s the worst fish to eat?

Here are some examples of the worst fish to eat, or species you may want to avoid due to consumption advisories or unsustainable fishing methods:

  • Bluefin Tuna.
  • Chilean Sea Bass.
  • Shark.
  • King Mackerel.
  • Tilefish.

What fish is the healthiest to eat?

From a nutritional standpoint, salmon is the clear winner of the healthiest fish competition. “Fattier fish from cold water are a better source of omega-3s” than other sources, Camire said, and salmon is king when it comes to the number of grams of omega-3s per ounce.

What is the use of Apollo fish?

High Protein: It has one of the highest protein content present in it. Brain Nerve: Minerals and Vitamins of Apollo fish help in balancing the nerves in the brain. Improve Memory: One of the biggest sources of improving the memory of a person.

What is the English name for Vanjaram fish?

Vanjaram fish name in English is Seer Fish, King Fish or Indo-Pacific King Mackerel. The Binomial name is Scomberomorus guttatus.

Which fish is best in India?


  • Rawas (Indian Salmon) Rawas is one of the most loved and popular edible fish.
  • Katla (Indian Carp or Bengal Carp)
  • Rohu (Rohu or Carpo Fish)
  • Bangda (Indian Mackerel)
  • Rani (Pink Pearch)
  • Surmai (King Fish/Seer Fish)
  • Pomfret.
  • Hilsa.

What fish do Indian restaurants use?

One of the most common dishes at seafood restaurants across Mumbai will always include Tandoori Pomfret. Pomfret was the preferred choice fish when I grew in the city. A flat fish, delicate and flaky which takes to the marinade and charred smokey tandoor flavours really well.

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Why is fish important in the diet?

Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times per week as part of a healthy diet.

Which fish does not have bones?

Elasmobranchs (sharks, stingrays and rays) do not have hard (calcified) bones in their bodies. Instead, they have flexible cartilage, while other vertebrates (like you and me) have real bones.

What is a boneless fish called?

A fish fillet, from the French word filet (pronounced [filɛ]) meaning a thread or strip, is the flesh of a fish which has been cut or sliced away from the bone by cutting lengthwise along one side of the fish parallel to the backbone.

Are there any fish without bones?

Some fish which is readily made into steaks, like tuna or halibut, will have either no bones at all or just a bone right in the middle. Sole, swordfish, mahi mahi, grouper, whitefish, perch, any of these will be virtually bone free.

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