FAQ: How To Cook Stew In Virtual Villagers 4?

How do you get the cooking pit In Virtual Villagers 4?


  1. Look for an area covered in rocks next to two palm trees at the southwest corner of the screen.
  2. Drag an adult there to remove the rocks.
  3. You can use more than one villager to speed up the process.
  4. Once the area is cleared you need to move four hot stones to it.

How do you fill the hole in Virtual Villagers 4?

Drag a villager who is both an adept builder and an adept scientist to the stone and they will plug the hole to the left of the tree thus restoring the normal flow of the stream.

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How do you get rid of the stew in Virtual Villagers 2?

NOTE: To get rid of a stew that you no longer want, you can either wait for it to disappear, or you can quit your game and launch it again (or switch to a different game slot and switch back).

How do you make soap on Virtual Villagers?

Use an adult to fill the pot with salt water, heat a stone and boil the water. Drag an adult to the table with the flowers to make soap. When the water disappears from the pot, drag an adult to it and they will stack the soap on a rack.

How do you heal the tree in Virtual Villagers 4?

Drop the adult into the pond and wait until they are clean. You will know because there will be white sparkles around them. Drop the clean villager onto the hole in the Tree of Life. They will purify the tree.

How do you get cloth In Virtual Villagers 4?

Drag a villager to the pot to have him add the vines. Drop a villager on the pot to have him take the mixture to the rocks. Continue to drop villagers on the mixture. When villagers will not allow you to drop them on the mixture anymore, you are finished and will have the cloth technology.

How do you get water on Virtual Villagers?

Drag a villager onto the water bucket. They will collect water from the ocean.

How do you solve the butterfly puzzle in Virtual Villagers 4?


  1. Look for a dry plant at the bottom of the stream, below the blackberry bush.
  2. After solving The Stream puzzle, the dry plant will begin to recover.
  3. Once the plant is green drag a villager to it and they will cut the leaves.
  4. The villager will get covered in plant sap and butterflies will show up.
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How do you clear the stream in virtual Villagers 4?

Drag one or more adult villagers to the debris blocking the stream, located just to the left of the flutes on the cliff. Drop the villagers on the debris to instruct them to clear it.

How do you beat the red statue in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Red statue

  1. Prepare and eat the soup from water, hot stone, and 3 herbs: spicy, soupy, and sweet.
  2. Build the Clothing Hut then wait for a box of braids to appear in the ocean on the south.
  3. Bring a child (under 14-year old) to the red crab on the south shore to start capturing and bring one adult to finish.

How do you pollinate flowers in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Instructions. Wait for the butterflies to follow the Golden Child, then drag him to the strange plant north of the berry bush where the butterflies will pollinate the plant.

How do I get more food in Virtual Villagers 4?

Get one of each plant (sweet, spicy and soapy) and add to the pot. Then drop a villager onto the pot to add food from the food bin. This needs to be done twice. Then set a villager to collect berries, one to collect the yellow fruit and one to collect a fish.

How do you get cloth in Virtual Villagers Tree of Life?

Drag an adult to the table and they will add the vines to the pot. Once the cooking is done, drag an adult to the pot. They will place the cloth pulp on a flat rock on the shore. Drag an adult onto the pulp to make the cloth.

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How do you move the rocks in Virtual Villagers Origins?

Drag a nursing villager (only possible for female villagers) to the lagoon. This will cause the Golden Child to be born. Wait until the Golden Child moves the boulder. This will occur automatically.

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