Who Did Eminem Have Beef With?

However, Eminem’s feud with Ja Rule was originally sparked by another rapper named 50 Cent, who also had a dispute with Ja rule during the time when both rappers were beginning to show interest in pursuing a rap career. It’s vital to remember that both were born in the Jamaican neighborhood of Queens, New York.

According to the publication, Nick Cannon had a feud with Eminem while he was married to his then-wife Mariah Carey, but the rift escalated when he brought it up 10 years later. For a time, Eminem chose not to retaliate, but then joined on Fat Joe and Dre’s ″Lord Above″ and took a direct shot at Cannon.

Who is Eminem’s beef with Cage?

No one has any idea who Cage is these days, and that is exactly what sparked his spat with Em in the first place.Prior to the release of Eminem’s Slim Shady LP, Cage went about informing media outlets such as The Washington Post that Eminem was ‘biting’ on his style.In order to bring Cage’s career to a close, Eminem unleashed a torrent of hate on him on songs like ″Role Model″ and ″Drastic Measures.″

Is there beef between 50 Cent and Eminem?

Ja Rule is a rapper who was born in the U.S.A. and raised in the United Kingdom. When Eminem signed the Get Rich or Die Trying rapper to his Shady Records brand in 2002, he became entangled in the feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent. Em remained on the sidelines during the initial stages of the spat between the two Queens locals.

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What is Eminem and Christina Aguilera’s beef?

What exactly is the source of Eminem and Christina Aguilera’s conflict? The famed dispute began in 1999 when Christina made some disparaging remarks about Eminem’s personal life while appearing on the MTV special, What A Girl Wants, which went viral. Eminem’s longterm girlfriend, Kim, she said, had married him in a private ceremony, according to her.

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