How To Sell Your Own Beef?

The most easy method of selling beef is to sell shares in the cow that has been killed. Offer your customers a full, half, or split half (quarter) for a fixed price per pound of hanging weight, depending on their preference. (Selling a quarter in a divided half is the most effective method.)

According to federal regulations, you are not need to be inspected if you sell meat piece-by-piece straight to the end-user from two separate stores. A certain amount of fresh or frozen meat can even be sold to a food service establishment, but cured, cooked, or smoked products cannot be sold to a food service establishment.

How do you sell meat?

There are two fundamental alternatives available to you. To sell meat, you can have it processed and then sell individual slices, either wholesale or retail, indicating that you are engaged in the business of selling meat. Alternatively, you can sell the entire animal to one (or two) individuals and then transport the animal to the locker for processing.

What is how to direct market your beef?

  • What is the best way to direct market?
  • Your Beef is a documentary that tells the story of a couple who utilized their family’s ranch to start a lucrative grass-based beef enterprise that specialized in direct market sales.
  • Beginning with the killing of animals and on through packing, labeling, and advertising, Jan and Will Holder translate their real-life experiences into a captivating tale replete with useful insights.

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